Hong Kong- 25th June 2018, Scores of new ICO projects are being launched every day in the world of crypto currency, using block chain technology, but only a few of them are class apart, a standout from the regular ones due to their innovative technology and therefore have the ability to revolutionize the way blockchains have been created for years. On similar lines, there is a project CrowdIF launching today and its founder Anton Berislav, announced that in the crypto trading industry, the regulatory framework is deficient, and being decentralized, no rules are applicable due to the lack of governance. People who were into traditional trading earlier were using the same old methods. But CrowdIF with the inclusion of the new gen technology will revolutionize the ways things are in the current crypto scenario. And to give you a sneak peep into the technology, it is based on the sentiment of the masses. We have been able to reach the technical milestone by harnessing the power of social media and sentiment analysis. We have succeeded to create a remarkable algorithm which excels in cracking the sentiment Analysis. To explain things better, the algorithm can monitor online conversations about crypto, and can effortlessly mine the opinion by analyzing the data efficiently. This very data analysis enables the precise prediction of the price movement and thereby CrowdIF is able to make its profit. Mr Anton Berislav also declared that In the next two years our algorithm based on our artful insights will be so strong that it will dominate the crypto world! Everyone will be to make use of them and earn much better profits!

Mr Anton Berislav also stated that up till now the price of the ICO has been fixed but the price of CrowdIF is decided by the public interest, resulting in more profit being made by the investors. And off course the early birds will get maximum profit. During the course of the press release all the team members answered the questions posed and the team looked very enthusiastic and passionate about the launch. And hopefully CrowdIF will be a huge success and go miles and miles in the next few years!

The first round of this exceptionally anticipated ICO is already on track and CrowdIF Coin (CIF) tokens can be purchased at a cost of $0.80 – $1. Potential participants should proceed quickly as once this round is over, the cost per token will be raised.

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